Got the super magical 10-piece unicorn brush set from Genvie. The rainbow bristles are incredibly soft and sooooo pretty I can't wait to use them already!

Kyla Moniq

Finally unwrapped my Mermaid Makeup Brushes from Genvie and I must say the brushes are just so gorgeous! Most importantly, it came with a free makeup pouch that was delicately placed in a classy black wrapper, which was then delivered in a bubble wrapped envelope for further protection of the brushes. So much effort into the wrapping! Certainly worth paying the price for such quality service and awesome experience. :)

Irene Siah

OMG. The brushes are so soft it feels like velvet on my skin!

Cheryl Yeap

We have a 3-bedroom flat so space is quite a challenge for us especially since we have 2 kids. So when we saw the Cosy Series chair, we were so excited to get it for the house because it can fit almost anywhere and the design of the chair fit very well with our décor. Now, we can relax at home after a whole day of work and running around after the kids. It’s also very quiet which means that there’s no way the kids can wake up or be disturbed while we’re getting our massage.

John Tan

Due to my always changing work schedule, I had to cancel and rearrange delivery 4 times. Each time, the customer service staff was very patient and helpful making all the arrangements. I love my new massage chair!! Thank you, Genvie!

Serene Wong

I used to be a regular spa goer (at least once a month) before I found out about the Heavenly Series chair. Since discovering it, I feel even more relaxed and calm every day because I can unwind anytime I need to. It gives me such a comprehensive massage, from my neck and shoulders all the way down to my calves making sure none of my muscles are left tense. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s thinking of owning a massage chair!

Mdm Cheng

The GENVIE Lifestyle


Brush Cleaning 101

With a beautiful new makeup brush set, comes great responsibility to care for both your brushes and your skin! Foundation or Eyeliner brushes should be cleaned daily or after each use as liquids tend to trap more bacteria than powder, clean anything going into your eye immediately to prevent infection. Powder or Eyeshadow brushes should be cleaned after each new colour to pick up the beautiful pigments of each shade.


Clean Brushes, Flawless Skin

If it isn’t already, washing your brushes should be a permanent part of your beauty routine. With the heart-shape brush eggs, cleaning all your brushes is easy and hassle free! The knobs are perfect to foam and lather all your brushes & clean smaller brushes, the groves for cleaning bigger ones. Now, free with every purchase of our makeup brush sets, it’s the perfect way to care for your collection!


2 Reasons Why Brushes Outweigh Fingers!

Coverage: Brushes not only give you a more even coverage but also allow you to build coverage with ease and most importantly precision. Application: Everyone wants skin appearing even and flawless & brushes will give you exactly that. Most will agree that beauty products that are in powder form, such as powder blush, eye shadow or even foundation, look better when applied with brushes.


Ease Tension For a Better Night's Rest

After a long day, mental and physical fatigue is bound to set in sometimes even disrupting a good night’s rest. With the Cosy Series chairs, thoroughly unwind – clear your mind & ease tension – for a full night’s sleep giving you a fresh start to the next day!


Work & Relax in One Space

Meetings sometimes tend to drag on, a lot of the time, when this happens, it’s tough to make unanimous decisions between opposite parties. With the Cosy Series chairs, avoid uncomfortably long discussions with a touch of luxury, keeping everyone amicable during discussions.


Inspiration for Your Home Workspace

Taking a break while you’re hard at work can sometimes be more productive than overworking your mind and body. With the Cosy Series chairs, you don’t have to go very far for that well deserved break. Fill the gap between relaxation and stress in your office!

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